Cant Think

I Honestly Dont Know What To Think Anymore One Day I Think Everything Is Fine The Other Day I Think Everything Is Just A Complete Mess. 

I Never Thought I Would Love Him So Fucking Much I Thought He Was Just A “Hello && Goodbye” Guy But There’s Something About Him That’s It’s Telling Me To Keep Trying … I Remember Those Nights When We Used To Hang Out Like We Never Have Seen Each Other && When We Got At He’s Beautiful House We Went Straight To He’s Room && Kiss Until We Get Tired.

He Was Just A Sweet Nice Guy , He Is The First Guy I Ever Sneaked Out Whit && No I Didnt Had Sex With Him In Case Your Thinking Of That Anyway, He Was Everything What I Wanted, For 2 Exact Months My Life Was A Movie Jesus How Much I Had Fun With Him. 

Now That We’re Not Together He Has This GIrlfriend && Im Just Flirting Around With This Sweet Guy But I Honestly Dont Have An Emotional Feelings For Him I Guess You Can Say && I So Obviously I Feel Bad But Anyway I Just Love The Fact That He Gets Jealous I Mean Like He Makes It So Obvious.

About Today… We Where Testing So We Have To Be 100% Quite && So Whatever We Ate Everybody Did What They Suppose To Do So Anyway It Was Time To Go So My Principal Was Calling Teachers So Well My Principal Called He’s Teacher Name && So He’s Class Got Up && Go To There Advocacy So He Passed By My Table I Was Turned Around Where He Was Gonna Pass We Tried Not To Look At Each Other Actually Not Really I Was Just Thinking “Fuck This Imma Just Gonna Straight Up && Look At Him” So I Did && So He Was Trying Not To Look At Me But I Guess He Couldn’t Helped && So He Just Stare At Me Gosh He Eyes Reminds Me Of My Happiness 


Create your own Photo Effects at TotallyLayouts.com

Create your own Photo Effects at TotallyLayouts.com